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How To Create an Inclusive and Equitable Hybrid Work Experience

Published November 21, 2022

In case you thought the hybrid work model was going away, it’s not.

The research group Frost & Sullivan surveyed 3000 IT decision makers and asked them what their work model would be by the end of 2022. Only 6% said they would be fully remote with 9% being fully in-person. Leaving a whopping 84% planning to support hybrid work by the end of 2022.

By 2024, 48% of those same decision makers said they will be adding meeting spaces, 38% will have more geographically dispersed offices, 46% will invest in cloud video conferencing services.

Despite it sticking around, the future hybrid work is still fuzzy. What will a hybrid workplace look like in 5 years? While we don’t think virtual reality will be common place in the average workplace by 2027, meeting spaces will need to improve to keep in-person and remote workers on the same playing field.

Enter The Sightline Experience

Crestron recently introduced the new Sightline Experience as the solution for inclusive and equitable hybrid meetings in larger rooms. Sightline is less of a singular product and more of a guiding concept for more immersion, engagement, and equity in the workplace.

Current video conferencing systems have one, maybe two cameras and a single display at the front of the room. While this set-up is great for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces, it doesn’t work well in larger meeting spaces. For team members in the room, people who are working remote are jailed away to tiny boxes on the screen. For remote team members, people at the table are rarely face to face to the screen which can cause trouble tracking who’s talking.

In contrast, a Sightline room surrounds the in-person team with technology. Fully-automated cameras from multiple viewing angles allows everyone to be face to face, not just the people at the table. Multiple displays puts at remote team members in view at all times no matter where you’re sitting at the table. This immersive experience allows natural conversation and collaboration to flourish between in-person and remote team members.

Pair all this with Crestron’s legacy of AV control only brings more reliability, ease of use, and security to a meeting space.

Thoughts from our team on the Sightline Experience:

“The technology immersion concept isn’t new. But the fully-automated tracking system actually makes the investment worth it.”

David, Sales

“Lots of clients have asked for production quality video conferencing without a production crew. We can finally realize that for them.”

Terry, Sales

“The new Automate VX camera solution is game changer for conference rooms. Crestron was smart to bring OneBeyond onboard.”

Shaun, Engineering

“It’s not going to be the right fit for everyone but those that do get it, will love Sightline.”

Tim, Sales

Want to take a Sightline room for a spin? Book a free demo today!

Reach out to your salesperson or send us a message through the contact form below to get a personalized demo of a Sightline room and see a better way of working.

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