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The Best Resources to Understand LED Video Walls

Published February 9, 2023

LED video walls are the future for immersive, visual displays. From Hollywood productions to corporate board rooms, LED has proven to make magical experiences. The best news is LED video walls are becoming much more accessible.

We brainstormed for a while about writing our own guide to video walls (also called direct view LED). But while doing research, we found so many well written resources that to do our own would just be a collection of quotes from other guides.

So instead, we made a list and summarized some of our favorite resources for understanding how LED video wall technology works and how it can benefit your organization.

A curved DVLED video wall from Planar at the Edwards Livesciences Building in Irvine, California. The display showcased a vibrant colored image of hot air balloons flying during an orange sunset.


Growing Accessibility – Planar

This blog from Planar showcases how the company is making LED video walls more accessible. Early LED adopters often had to pay a high price. Planar is now making fine pitch LED more accessible with the Planar MGP Series and Planar MGP Complete, which cost about the same as tiled LCD video walls. They are designed for Full HD and 4K content and look great on camera, making them a great option for organizations.

A screen shot of Planar's blog of the growing accessibility of fine pitch LED video walls

What is DVLED? – LG

This blog from LG compares DVLED to LCD displays, which includes greater contrast, vibrant colors, brightness levels, energy efficiency, and unlimited sizes. It also explores how the technology works and factors for mounting indoors, outdoors, curves, or transparency!

A screen shot of LG's blog examining what direct view LED video walls are

Understanding Pixel Pitch – Watchfire Signs

This easy-to-follow video from Watchfire explores what pixel pitch is and how pixel pitch effects the viewing experience.

A screen shot of watchfire's video explaining what pixel pitch is

Our Favorite LED Video Wall Case Studies


This case study shows off Planar’s fine pixel pitch displays in a classroom, providing a fully immersive, hybrid learning experience for the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

A screen shot of the case study by Planar about a LED video wall installation at a higher education school

Sharp NEC

In this case study, Sharp NEC partnered with the Des Moines Art Center to create a unique, interactive experience for visitors to the Art Center by combining technology and artistry.

A screen shot of a case study from Sharp NEC about blending technology and artistry for a better experience at an arts center–the-intersection-of-art-and-tech/183


This case study looks at Samsung’s work with Colorado State University to create an immersive learning experience for students. The video walls allow students to get a more realistic view of the classroom than they would have through a traditional online learning platform.

A screen shot of a case study for a the install of LED video walls by Samsung at Colorado State University


In this case study, Phillips was installed at multiple Footasylum locations, a fashion retailer with a focus on footwear and streetwear in the UK. The video displays from Phillips help create an amazing in-person experience that is on par with Footasylum’s brand.

A screen shot of the Fooasylum case study from Phillips Professional Display Solutions about installing LED video walls in retail spaces


This case study covers LG’s work with one of the busiest airports in the world: Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia. Upgrading their entire infrastructure, they relied on digital signage to keep passengers informed from the entry way to take off. Video walls from LG made sure all info was highly visible and operations were streamlined, providing guests and employee’s a better experience.

A screen shot of the massive LED video wall clock tower in the Sheremetyevo International Airport installed by LG

Worship Productions

This photo galley of projects from Worship Productions showcases several houses of worship utilizing video walls as back drops for their Sunday services.

A screen shot of the gallery of Worship Productions LED video wall projects

Watchfire Signs

Watch Fire designed and manufactured the curved, outdoor canopy for the famous Fremont Street in Las Vegas. This video examines all the considerations for the massive custom project.

A screen shot of the video from Watchfire Signs which explores the installation of a direct view LED canopy in Las Vegas

Direct View LED White Papers

General Technology – Samsung

As it’s name totes, this guide from Samsung covers all the benefits of direct view LED and the advantages it brings to any organization for superb experiences.

A screen shot of the cover of Samsung's Ultimate Guide to LED: High Impact Visuals Indoors and Outdoors

eSports – Sharp NEC

This white paper from Sharp NEC gives a overview of potential uses for direct view LED walls in the eSports sector, from arenas to training rooms.

A screen shot of the cover of Sharp NEC's white paper on Digital Displays for eSports

Understanding Pixel Pitch – Sharp NEC

This guide from Sharp NEC offers good visuals for understanding why pixel pitch matters when it comes to LED video walls.

A screen shot of the cover of Sharp NEC infographic explaining what pixel pitch is for LED video walls

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