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InfoComm 2022: The Best AV Demos of the Tradeshow

Published June 20, 2022

The entrance to InfoComm 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Source: InfoComm Show Facebook

InfoComm 2022, the largest audiovisual tradeshow for professionals in the U.S., happened in Las Vegas. NV earlier this month! In this case, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Our team was able to see everything thanks to rAVe Pubs coverage of the show floor. We scoured all 30 pages of videos for anything we missed and here are our key takeaways:

  • Every manufacturer is leading with hybrid solutions for office collaboration. 360-degree cameras, software for canvasing your applications, and AI-driven producers were seen all over the place.
  • High bandwidth fiber optics are becoming even more common as the need to move higher resolution video continues.
  • Manufacturers are competing for smallest form factor and easiest installation, particularly with DVLED and speakers.

Below are the most impressive product demos we watched and little bit of why we think you should check them out.

Audinate – Flexible Video-over-IP

We’ve talked about Dante before (check out our other blog about it!). It’s an audio-over-network protocol using ethernet standards, allowing for super flexibility. The team at Audinate has made the protocol carry video now too! Only a few manufacturers have released products for it but Dante AV will allow cameras and displays to easily be put on the network for the same super flexibility.

InfoComm 2022: Audinate Shows Products With Dante AV, Expands Beyond Audio to Add Video to Network

Vizetto – Digital Canvas Software for Video Calls

Vizetto Reactiv is a new name to us but this demo makes their video conferencing canvas look very easy to use. Basically, rather than having defined boxes for screens and attendees, Reactiv lets you reorganize people and screens where you want. Piqued our interest and we will definitely want a more detailed demo at some point.

InfoComm 2022: Vizetto Discusses Reactiv SUITE Virtual Meeting Platform for Better Hybrid Meetings

Kandao – Plug-and-Play 360 Camera with Wireless Sharing

We’ve seen 360-degree cameras before but this one has video conferencing platforms AND wireless screen sharing baked into it. A great solution for small businesses looking for a plug-and-play video in a small conference room.

InfoComm 2022: Kandao Meeting Pro is All-in-One 360 Degree UCC Camera With Wireless Screen Sharing

StrongMDI – Tabloid Rigid Projection Screen

While DVLED is still leading for visual canvases these days, projection will never go away. There are always certain situations that will call for projection over DVLED. This rigid projection screen from StrongMDI looks promising for making the surface look less like a traditional projection screen.

InfoComm 2022: StrongMDI Unveils Tabloid Rigid Projector Screen for Large Venues

Planar – XR Virtual Stage

Do you want to conduct your next video call on an extended reality stage? This DVLED virtual stage from Planar offers just that. Aimed at enterprise brands, a CEO could address a worldwide audience from any setting. The backdrop syncs to the camera’s movements so it looks like you’re actually there. We’ve seen this before for film sets but aiming at the business world is pretty futuristic.

InfoComm 2022: Planar Shows Off Its XR Virtual Stage

Clear Touch – Battery Powered Digital Signage

Portable digital signage was popular at last year’s InfoComm but this year it becomes even more portable. This one has a battery pack built-in, so you can roll it wherever you need for wayfinding and notification. We can definitely see these used in high-flex spaces like conference centers or schools.

InfoComm 2022: Clear Touch Demonstrates Evo Rolling Battery-Powered Digital Signage Kiosk

Snowsound – Flap Sound Panels

Having great acoustics matters, as we recently wrote about. Getting them to look great at the same time can be a challenge sometimes. These configurable panels, however, look like they could bring a dynamic depth to just about any wall.

InfoComm 2022: Snowsound Introduces ‘Flap’ Acoustic Panels that Tilt, Swivel and Rotate

DTEN – Hot Desk Scheduling Software

Do you know what “Hot Desking” is? It’s comes from the co-working spaces where no one has a dedicated desk and each day you change it up. This software takes the annoyance out of trying to reserve a desk and makes sure the desk you picked is the one you get.

InfoComm 2022: DTEN Demos Workspace Reservations Using ONboard and DTEN ME Pro for Hot Desking

Canon – Using a Single Camera for Multi-cam Meetings

InfoComm 2022: Canon Intros the AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) Software for Hybrid Collaboration

In line with creating a collaborative digital canvas, Canon’s new software AMLOS takes a single high resolution camera to read an entire room. It can become a document camera with a gesture that users can then explore. Captures white boards and “ghost” the in-person presenter, y et still showing everyone in the room. We’re intrigued to see more of this.

Christie – The Canvas Can Be as Artistic as the Paint

InfoComm 2022: Christie Demos Flexibility and Creativity of MicroTiles LED, Built-In Controller

Christie’s MicroTile DVLED has been out in the wild before but this demo is a great example of how the canvas can be art as much as the digital content playing on it.

Barco ClickShare – Integrated Digital Signage and Automatic Connection

InfoComm 2022: Barco Adds Features to ClickShare, Including Digital Signage, Smart Meeting Host Flow

A leader in wireless sharing for businesses, Barco ClickShare adds some new features to existing gear with a firmware update. Soon you’ll be able to utilize the ClickShare as an ingest point for digital signage and have your device automatically connect to the screen when you walk in the room.

Any one product from above is only a part of your technology ecosystem. Send a message below for help from our experts for properly integrating new technology into your business technology ecosystem.

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