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Arrow AV Group Officially AV 9000 Compliant

Published September 23, 2021

Arrow AV Group has officially been granted AV 9000 compliance from the Association for Quality in Audiovisual Technology (AQAV).

With this status, Arrow AV Group joins only four other audiovisual integrators worldwide who comply to the strict quality control process.

Traditionally, quality control occurs only once after the system has been installed in the field. This is often conducted by someone internally with familiarity to the system. This way can lead to long punch lists after discovering faults in the field and long waits for band aid fixes before the system can be turned over.

With the AV 9000 process, an audit from an unbiased technician occurs after every phase of a project with a focus on functional narrative and objective outcomes. Discrepancies are caught early on in the project before the system even leaves the shop. While a stricter process, it ensure high quality, repeatable, and documented outcomes and happier customers. One of the many reasons Arrow AV Group began following the AV 9000 processes several years ago.

To become a compliant company, AQAV conducts an extensive audit of the company, internally and externally. Staff members are required to acquire quality certifications. Arrow AV Group passed with flying colors!

To become AV 9000 certified, a company must also gain ISO 9000 compliance, an even longer and more expensive process.

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