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5 Tips for a Professional Video Call

Published May 4, 2020

Video calls are the new normal. Here are some quick tips for a professional video call.

  1. Wear headphones – This helps eliminate echoing voices.
  2. Use a external microphone – Internal microphones are usually very poor quality and make you sound choppy. Even earbuds with a built-in mic can help!
  3. Test your audio/video feed before you enter – Do this so you don’t look like a bad mime
  4. Place your head in a third (see picture below) – This is more pleasing to the human eye and therefore whoever you’re speaking with will be more relaxed.
  5. Mute yourself when not contributing in a group call. – This helps to avoid noises and artifacts that can be distracting to a conversation.

Bonus: SMILE! – Brighten someones day with your pearly whites. It also just brings more energy to any conversation 🙂

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