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5 Products from InfoComm 2021 We’re Excited About

Published December 21, 2021

The largest audiovisual tradeshow of the year actually happen this year! We weren’t able to attend in person but thanks to rAVe [PUBS], it was practically like we were walking the show floor. Here are five products from InfoComm 2021 our team here at Arrow AV Group is excited about.

1. iCAST 10 – Hybrid Video Switcher, DataVideo

“The iCAST 10 is a move in the right direction for many clients wanting an all-in-one solution. The simple user interface is essential for any end user!”

2. X Series – Spotlight Loudspeakers, Holosonics Audio

“I hadn’t heard of Holosonics before but the X Series has me intrigued. I think businesses are finally realizing how sensitive to sound people really are. With audio spotlights, any facility can put audio where it’s needed and nowhere else.”

3. MCOB – Mobile LED Display, Aurora LED Systems

“These mobile DVLED’s got a lot of hype at the tradeshow. Each section can be used individually for wayfinding signage, but can also be linked together to create a larger “digital canvas”. This is perfect for flexibles spaces like conference centers.”

4. Custom Case Designer – Online Design App,

“I’m a sucker for clearly organized tools. This would be perfect for any theater, high school to Broadway, needing to make sure valuable gear is secure AND put back in the right place.”

5. ActiveScene, Transform Glass to Projection Surface, Sharp/NEC

“I’ve seen LED glass before, which is only really feasible for new construction. ActiveScene is the first I’ve seen to retrofit old glass walls into a projection surface. This won a bunch of awards so I’d be interested in seeing it in real life.”

BONUS#1: LED Virtual Studio, Absen

“If you’ve watched the Mandalorian on Disney+, you know this is how they filmed the entire series. Pretty amazing what you can do with DVLED!”

BONUS#2: F8 Fobble Machine, Froggy’s Fog

“This one is just cool. Imagine being at a concert and instead of confetti, you get these fog filled bubbles! Talk about a magical experience.”

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