A cornerstone of Arrow AV Group’s philosophy is training and educational services for our customers – not only for the equipment we install, but for any audio, video or theatrical lighting products our customers want to use.

Our Audio Excellence Seminar includes terminology, fundamentals of acoustics, microphone selection and all you need to know about running a sound board including console layout and signal flow, proper operation of channel strip functions, signal routing, gain structure, memory presets and fundamental sound engineering techniques. Perfect for high school/college students, volunteers at houses of worship, theatre sound workers, and others interested in sound

Similarly, our Lighting Excellence Seminar includes terminology, fundamental physics of light/electricity, selection of lighting fixtures, hanging/focusing, selection of cables, color theory, LED vs. Tungsten, paperwork for programmers and designers, and much more.

We also offer custom training on the following topics:

  • Audio Console Programming and Operation
  • Making Professional Recordings
  • Hearing Loops and Assisted Listening Devices
  • Mixing Live Sound for Houses of Worship
  • Mixing Live Sound for Theatre and Presentations
  • Mixing Live Sound for Rock, Jazz and small ensembles
  • Mixing Live Sound for Orchestra and Classical ensembles
  • Microphone selection, placement and usage (Great for schools!)
  • Light Board Programming and Operation
  • ETC: EOS Ti, Gio, Gio @ 5, ION XE, Element2, ETCnomad & ETCnomad Puck et al. Hog   Ask about other brands… we can help!
  • Creating a Lighting Rep Plot
  • Networking and DMX for Lighting
  • Coaching for business professionals/corporate executives for more effective presentations
  • Coaching for teachers, instructors and other trainers for more effective training
  • AV System Operation
  • AV Equipment Maintenance
  • In-Service presentations for K-12 teachers and staff
  • Assistance with technical theatre, live event, house of worship and other public events.
  • Training for student theatre technicians – in person or via Skype/Zoom

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Call us! We’re happy to develop custom training solutions that suit your needs.