Contract Service

Block of Time: A Block of Time is simply the pre-purchase of our services by the hour at a discounted rate. Blocks are available in increments as small as 10 hours. Purchasing a block of time plan is a cost-effective way to maintain your Audio/Visual system. The block of time may be used for the following services:

  • System Service
  • Technical Support
  • System Re-certification
  • Emergency Service and Repair
  • Add-on equipment installation
  • In-house and on-site equipment repair
  • Production Assistance for your events

Basic System Service: Basic system service is typically the clean up and testing of equipment listed by the customer over the period of one year. This service contract was designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers that require a system “check up” one to two times a year. This check up may be necessary because of system tampering resulting in the need to re-calibrate the system, or environmental factors requiring that the system equipment be cleaned professionally to maintain the effective use of the A/V system.

System Certification: This is a program designed to re-certify your system to its original operating specifications. Our technicians test every system component for proper connection and operation. Through detailed and extensive testing, Arrow AV Group is also able to certify your A/V system for a first time and/or extended warranty service plan on your existing A/V system.

Warranty Service Plan: Arrow Audio’s Warranty service plan may be used as an extension to our standard one year parts and labor warranty, or as a stand-a-lone warranty to an existing A/V system. System Certification is required to purchase this plan. Warranty Service Plans may be purchased in one or two year increments